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Why your college-going kids don’t open up to you

This answer was originally posted on Quora. The question was: I think my college-going son is being very selective in what he chooses to share with me. What should I do? I only come to know of certain things AFTER they happen, and that too if they are happy news – news I can only […]

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Career Choices and Cluelessness. What after college?

(This was originally posted here, as a reply to the question “I’m still in college, but have no idea what to do after completing my under-graduation. Is this normal?”) When people write their SOP (Statement of Purpose) while applying to graduate school or jobs, they write sentences like “After completing my project in #FancyTopicName working […]

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What makes a rich summer experience?

I answered a question on Quora about what makes for a rich summer experience for an undergraduate student in science and technology, and am reproducing it here: An ideal summer experience would of course be a mix of all the elements you mentioned, but since it’s unlikely that you’ll get them all in one summer, […]

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