Archive | March, 2012

The paradox of arranged marriages

Interesting stuff has been going on in the country in the last two days. On one end, we have the case of an NGO called Bhrashtachar Nivaran Sanstha threatening to file a suit against producer Sajid Nadiadwala for the item number Anarkali Disco Chali in his movie Houseful 2. The NGO feels that the line, […]

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The critical mass of goodness

The country was galvanized last year by the whole Jan Lokpal Movement, and a lot was said for and against the movement, its leaders and cheerleaders, and the thousands of Indians who poured into the streets in the largest display of public outrage in recent times. While we are all fashionably outraged at the way […]

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If you think it’s disgusting, too bad for you.

Harish showed me an interesting article. It talks about 10 food items from around the world which are considered delicacies in their respective areas, but which would be perceived as highly disgusting by people from almost everywhere else, even the most battle-hardened non-vegetarians. In that list are things like maggot-infested cheese and bat-paste, enough to […]

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